Bought Nikon D5300

It was my dream to have a DSLR camera and to capture stunning photographs. Two weeks ago I realized that dream, I bought a DSLR camera. What I bought is a good DSLR camera, Nikon D5300. Now it is really a matter of situation and patience to capture stunning photographs.


Copy CD & DVD to ISO File in Linux

Sometimes I require to copy entire CD or DVD to a file in my computer in ISO[^1] format. Usually to keep it for frequent access. It is what I do normally with tutorial discs received with some products, discs of wedding videos that I need to return back soon. So, I can avoid keeping the disc in player, also it helps for copying that to another disc.

Here I am sharing the command that I use for copying contents from the optical discs to a file in my computer in ISO format. This is a note for me too, as I require to remember it occasionally.