Thermocouple Amplifier with OP07C Op-Amp

Recently I created a soldering station based on Arduino Pro mini. It involves reading temperature data from thermocouple within soldering iron. Thermocouple produce a very little voltage, around up to 30 Milli volts for soldering irons. So, soldering station uses an op-amp based circuit to amplify those small signals from thermocouple to signal high enough […]

Bootloader-less Programming Arduino Pro Mini

Recently I was creating a configurable timer circuit based Arduino Pro Mini. The circuit has a momentary push button which user can press to turn ON the device. The device will turn OFF itself once the time is elapsed. On starting, Arduino has to turn on a relay to get permanent connection to power source, […]

Program Arduino Pro Mini with CP2102 USB to TTL Coverter module

I like Arduino Pro Mini boards more than other Arduino boards. Mainly because of its minimalist design. But Arduino Pro Mini does not have built in USB interface to program it directly like we do in Arduino Uno. However we can program a Arduino Pro Mini easily using a cheap CP2102 USB to TTL converter […]