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  • Install and Run Multiple PHP Versions in Ubuntu 22.04

    I wanted to run both Drupal 7 and 9, as part of my work, in my machine now running on Ubuntu 22.04. Drupal 7 best run with PHP 5.6 while Drupal 9 requires either PHP 7.4 or 8.1 I could make it work after some research and try. Here is how I made it work. […]

  • Nginx Configuration for WordPress with HTTPS Enabled

    Few days back I switched back to WordPress from static site generator Hugo. On my server I am using Nginx as web-server though I am more familiar with Apache Web Server (Now I can’t remember exactly why I switched to Nginx?!). I am using LetsEncrypt SSL certificates and always redirect regular HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

  • Switched to Stagen, a Static Site Generator

    I had switched to use Jekyll to publish this site and my blog around few months back. I was having the feeling that the Jekyll is having certain limitations that make some jobs hard. Following are the main limitation I felt with Jekyll Template is lacking inheritance feature Posts cannot be arranged within sub directories. […]