KeyMagic with Malayalam

Until now Malayalam community were using a customized free version of old Keyman to type anywhere in a Windows system. Me too was using it in all places except Malayalam Wikimedia projects, on Malayalam Wikimedia projects I use our Narayam which is a built in Malayalam typing solution integrated to Wikis. People were always complaining about Keyman that is does not work on Windows Vista and 7 systems. And even I had started to develop a solution to replace Keyman based solution, I stopped further developments soon after I fully changed my platform to Ubuntu.

We had tried several other solutions to replace Keyman, but none of them were able to replace Keyman, since Keyman solution provided smooth typing experience. Few days before Shiju shown me that there exist a solution named KeyMagic which may help us to solve the problem. Shiju proposed it to me to and requested to write Malayalam schemes for it. Writing schemes for this tool was not difficult. I implemented two schemes Mozhi and InScript, Mozhi is phonetic scheme and InScript is a fixed layout and a national standard. We tested the software with these to typing schemes and most users found it as a replacement for Keyman.

I have customized normal KeyMagic distribution to include these Malayalam schemes and packed them in a installer. So normal end users can install them easily with few clicks after downloading, I also packed a zipped version along. You can find these two packages here.

I thank KeyMagic team for developing this great application. Our community on Windows platforms expect this will help to continue their Malayalam typing.

Thank you.

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