Smartphones and Privacy

I am so disappointed as most of the people are not aware about the privacy issues they face in their daily life, especially regarding the usage of technological solutions like smart-phones.

Consumers even working in Information Technology sector are also not bothering about it. They install whatever applications they find interesting in Android Play Store. They don’t think that applications can be made controlling your phone without even your notice. It may take photos, capture voices, send it to servers located anywhere in Internet that application writer decides. I am not saying to avoid all applications doing so, but there should be a purpose behind it. For example, how it can justify a game application want camera or microphone access, even it is not dealing with taking photos or capturing voice? I have seen a lot of applications in phones of my friends and coworkers that looks interesting to have installed, but get to know that it wants permissions for things that are unmatched with purpose with the app. So, I personally avoid such applications.

I urge everyone to keep an eye while you install new applications. Later it will help you to prevent great losses, it may be either money or your respect within society.

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