Switched to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from 14.04

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS last day on my Lenove Z510. It was fresh installation and not an upgrade from existing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Installation took only 5 minutes for me!, that was amazing speed. It was my first time ever I move from an LTS to LTS. I was using 14.04 for last two years without any major problems. Thank you 14.04 and welcome 16.04!

I noticed few issues on first use, just after installation.

  • My MTS 3G dongle was not gotten detected as an Ethernet device as it worked before on 14.04. I had to connect to it using WiFi. It would have been really bad for me if that dongle did not have WiFi hotspot feature.
  • I was unable to run lsusb command. If I run, then it shows no response, even no error messages. Pressing CTRL+C keys to cancel it also did not work! I had to close the terminal window. I was trying inspect what was happening with my MTS 3G dongle, using lsusb command.
  • It was not turning off the machine when I tried. That Ubuntu screen with highlighted dots where just standing there. I was forced to turn off the system manually using power button.
  • Resuming back from suspended state is not working. After a key is pressed, the processor starts but screen remains black.

Fortunately, all of the above issues except the last one got fixed after installing latest updates available. So, it looked like that the Ubuntu team did not do enough homework before releasing 16.04 LTS. It will be definitely a bad experience for users without Internet connection where they will be unable to install updates. The last issue of not resuming properly from suspended state remains as a big issue for me.

Regardless of the issues mentioned above, overall it was good experience with this new 16.04. I feel some performance improvements, may be just a feeling as previously I was using 14.04 with a lot of softwares installed.

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