Edit PDF Metadata in Ubuntu 18.04

I see pdftk get first in list as most recommended way when searching for editing PDF metadata in Ubuntu. But pdftk is no longer present in Ubuntu 18.04 repositories.

Found a different tool named PDFMtEd, which is actually a GUI front-end for ExifTool.

PDFMtEd - PDF metadata editor
PDF metadata editor

Here is how installed and used it successfully.

First install its dependencies:

sudo apt install libimage-exiftool-perl yad qpdf git

Then clone Git repository of PDFMtEd.

git clone https://github.com/glutanimate/PDFMtEd

Now got inside to the repo directory:

cd PDFMtEd

You may install it globally with command:

sudo ./install.sh

But it did not work for me and gave some error. However I could run it directory from repo directory:

./pdfmted-editor example.pdf

Of course you can symlink to somewhere to make it a global command.


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