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  • Get MP4 from MKV and Extract Subtitle(s)

    This command helped me to get MP4 file from MKV file: This command will help to extract subtitle from MKV file. The above command will extract first subtitle. MKV file contains more than one subtitle track and if you want to extract one of them. Then you can replace “0:s:0” with “0:s:1” to extract second…

  • 3.7 to 1.5 V Buck Converter with MC34063AP

    My daughter got a toy train which uses AA sized battery cells to operate. It has space to put two AA cells in parallel, so it requires just 1.5 V to work. To avoid buying AA cells, I tried to make it rechargeable with a 18650 lithium-ion cell with protection board having USB port. But…

  • SEPIC Converter Calculations For Fixed Output Voltage

    Attached document demonstrates calculations involved for a SEPIC converter. Calculations are based on “AN-1484 Designing A SEPIC Converter” by Dongbing Zhang from Texas Instruments.