LED Light with CYT1000B

CYT1000B LED light schematic

Lighting LED with AC main supply were not that easy. Mainly it required some sort of SMPS with current controlling circuitry. But it is changing. Now there are integrated circuits available specially designed to help to light LEDs with few extra components. One of such IC is CYT1000B. I like CYT1000B more compared similar ICs… Continue reading LED Light with CYT1000B

Thermocouple Amplifier with OP07C Op-Amp

OP07 based thermocouple signal amplifier

Recently I created a soldering station based on Arduino Pro mini. It has to read temperature data from a thermocouple within the soldering iron. Thermocouple produces a very little voltage, around up to 30 Milli volts for soldering irons. So, the soldering station uses an op-amp based circuit to amplify those small signals from the… Continue reading Thermocouple Amplifier with OP07C Op-Amp